We only have one Earth. And we believe everyone on it is precious.
We create jewelry to be a permanent part of our lives for generations, all the while challenging ourselves to keep improving our teams, our suppliers, our customers, the communities, and the environment we operate within.


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Without transferring the products from one factory to another to complete the jewelry production stages, everything happens at our factory in Vietnam to ensure the performance and product quality. This also means that a lot of shipping costs are cut out, reducing carbon footprint and paying workers fairly.

Conflict-free Material

90% of our stones are man-made and recycled silver has been used in production. We use Cubic zirconia (commonly referred to as CZ) to replace a simulated diamond because of its brilliance and crystal clarity, but it is a man-made crystalline material that is hard, flawless and minimizes mineral extraction.


We prioritize sustainability, the boxes are constructed of recycled paper, and the inserts inside the box are sourced from FSC-certified suppliers.


BY 2024


    Using conflict-free, traceable and recycled materials


    Reducing emissions. We promise to be carbon neutral by 2024

    Investing in renewable energy and resources especially water waste and power

    Reduce our packaging and switch to sustainable alternatives


    Make us a great, trusted place to work with Kiera’s Social Project by 2023

    Giving back more to our community