"At KIERA, we celebrate the beauty of every woman, weaving sustainable practices into every aspect of our journey, ensuring that elegance and environmental consciousness unite in harmony, empowering you to embrace your inherent beauty with a clear conscience."

- Kiera -


KIERA's vision is to redefine the landscape of fine jewelry, seamlessly fusing exceptional craftsmanship, visionary design, and sustainable practices, as we empower individuals to embrace their unique style and make a meaningful impact in the world.

Where quality and sustainability meet, making attainable jewelry with a meaningful impact.


At KIERA, we take pride in our vertically integrated production process, as everything from start to finish happens at our factory in Vietnam. This streamlined approach ensures optimal performance and exceptional product quality, without the need to transfer products between multiple factories

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In 2005, KIERA emerged under the umbrella of Elite Group International, leveraging three decades of industry expertise and established collaborations with esteemed retailers and distributors in Europe and Asia. This synergy has enabled Kiera to cultivate a loyal customer base, surprising them with affordable prices while delivering uncompromising quality that surpasses their expectations.

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At KIERA, we take pride in our ethically and environmentally responsible diamond simulants, which not only exhibit breathtaking beauty but also offer a win-win alternative to natural diamonds, ensuring sustainability and conscious luxury go hand in hand.


    ... because they have a low carbon footprint, preserving natural resources while providing stunning beauty.


    ...because their production does not contribute to or support any unethical practices.


    ...because they requires significantly fewer natural resources and has a lower environmental impact than mined diamonds.


    ... because they exhibit exceptional durability and longevity.


    ... because of our in-house production capabilities, enabling us to secure the best price and maintain uncompromising quality.


    ... because they are meticulously crafted to replicate the brilliance, fire, and beauty of natural diamonds.