the world of KIERA



The World of KIERA was created with the imagination of a full service collection of sterling silver jewelry that provided unique perspectives on classic, contemporary, and special occasion jewelry while bridging different elements and styles under one roof to re-imagine the customer experience. 



Elite Group International NY created KIERA in 2005 internationally as an in house branded jewelry line that uses vertical integration to transform quality and service, now introducing the collection for the US independent jeweler and boutique store. 

Our large internationally based design team is structured to invent new trends, reestablish classic design, create the best quality construction using the best quality materials, all while focusing on keeping accessibility for the customer in mind.  ELITE GROUP INT'L NY seeks to transform the idea of branded sterling silver jewelry by using our vertically integrated company that manufactures every step of each item which gives us complete control over mastering quality of material and quality of design, while offering a vast selection of unique design that is desired around the world.  



Every item is created with .925 sterling silver, finished in precious metal and with hand carved, hand set stones. 

Crafting jewelry is our passion, one that exhilarates with each piece. This passion rests firmly on the requirement of perfection with the strictest of standards and craftsmanship that is never compromised.  Each piece is finished with a precious metal plating to ensure durability and prevent tarnishing.  We incorporate 14k gold, rhodium/platinum or black rhodium in our designs.  



As part of the ELITEgroup Int’l NY family, we have access to the finest diamond simulant and lab created stones in the market. 

Each stone is finished with cutting and polishing techniques that take every simulant to a next level of brilliance that is no longer popular in practice.  We also incorporate ELITE's finest in lab created ruby, sapphire and emeralds into our collection, stones that capture the true essence of its name at a quality and price not easily accessible today. 

We also source the finest gemstones and pearls to create a robust offering for our clients to offer all variations of product to their customer with the unique design and manufacturing that KIERA bridges together. 


 Featuring the ELITE canary diamond simulant stone

Featuring the ELITE canary diamond simulant stone

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